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Hello, we are Matt and Mikaela Webber. We live in San Clemente and have one daughter, Hollis. Mikaela is a full time realtor and Matt is a firefighter who also helps Mikaela with real estate. Both Matt and Mikaela grew up in south Orange County and love all that it has to offer. They can be found at the beach, on the mountain bike trails, or eating at one of the local restaurants. Mikaela went into real estate after Matt suggested it, but Matt liked what she was doing so much he wanted to join the party! Matt had an early introduction to the love of all things real estate by his father who has been a general contractor for over 45 years. This experience combined with Mikaela’s familiarity with the market and innate ability to network create a great team. Here at Team Webber we would love to help you with all of your real estate needs!


Matt and Mikaela were phenomenal!!! As a first time home buyer, the process was unknown. They took their time to explain each step and guided us so gracefully through the process. They have excellent communication skills and were always so prompt with responses when we needed them most. They were aggressive when they needed to be in order to get our offer accepted amidst many competitors, and fought so hard for us to get our dream home! We loved doing business with them and will definitely be calling them when we are ready to sell! Thank you so much!!

Matt and Mikaela were the realtors of our dreams. Not only did they help us as first time home buyers, but they were extremely helpful in walking us through the process, and they never strayed away from answering our abundance of questions. Mikaela’s knowledge of process and planning combined with Matt’s expertise in home quality and assessment make them a force to be reckoned with in this competitive market. They helped us not only with searching, viewing, contracts and all the tedium, but they really worked with us. We never felt like they were pressuring us to make a decisions which was empowering and also had us think critically about our home purchase. They negotiated price, coordinated with every party all the way through, and helped us land a house we’re happy to call our own. They have a wonderful sense of personal touch and we felt like we didn’t only find a new realtor we will for sure go to in the future, but also some new friends along the way. Thanks so much Matt and Mikaela!

My experience working with Matt and Mikaela was wonderful! I’ve never purchased a home on my own, so I was a little anxious about how things would go, and I have to say, everything went beautifully. I expected to have various roadblocks during the process and thought I’d need to stay on top of things myself, but that wasn’t the case at all. Mikaela was very proactive, responsive and available to show me homes and walk me through the various stages of the home-buying process. Matt was at my home inspection and final walk-through and was so knowledgeable about some of the concerns I had with the repairs that were needed. Both of them were very professional and just all-around pleasant people to do business with. When I’m ready to sell, I’ll be calling them back!

Our family met Mikaela coincidentally two years ago as she was showing a listings for one of her colleagues. We casually exchanged info and met with her at a later date and laid out our plan of selling our home and purchasing a larger home in the same community we currently live in. She was super informative and helpful. We also felt our family needed a little more time to prepare for this move if we were going to realistically do it right. Mikaela kept in touch with us for a whole year, never putting any stress or pressure on us to sign with her as a client. During that time we even contacted a few agents in the area who had a few more years under their belt but in the end none of them gave us the same feeling that Mikaela gave us. So we signed with her and made the right decision for countless reasons. Our home did not sell as fast as we thought due to the timing of a sudden slowdown in the housing market, which at times became frustrating. It was actually at that time that we knew we chose the right agent. With the more challenging market, Mikaela always seemed in control and worked harder as days went by which gave us a sense of calmness. There were so many times that she would come to our house with her husband Matt to add staging or something to the house that would inspire buyers. Now that Mikaela has sold our home and found us our dream home, our family has spoken many times about how we are saddened that our time with Mikaela is winding down, she and Matt feel like family to us. We would choose Mikaela a thousand times over.

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